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The "millions" fish

The perfect choice for those just getting their feet wet in the Aquarium Hobby.

Guppy -- Poecilia Reticulata

The ultimate challenge for the Professional Breeder

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There is a constant flux of lines in my fish room. Every Fish Show and auction tempts and tantalizes. The diversity within this single species is almost beyond belief. Even the pet-store quality "Sunset Gold" holds an earned place in my Office/Show-Room. There is something here for the community tank and the dedicated breeder; something for a child's first tank and the professional entering stock in every possible fish show.

Supplies & Equipment

Although space is limited, I carry a range of aquarium supplies, decorations, substrates, nets, air-line & fittings, filters, etc.

Author's Nook

Novels, Poetry, Anthologies, Audio CD's, Cards and Plaques. As an author, my Office/Showroom is now a delightlful environment for writing, stimulating creativity but also giving incentive to get off my backside frequently.

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