< --  Sunset Gold (M & F)   $2.00 each     

Bright, colourful and active, with females also showing considerable gold, this is not a show-quality fish, yet it is the one every child is drawn to. Vigorous and prolific, it's a fun addition to my show-room and a perfect starter fish for a child or addition to a community tank.

FGN Line (M & F)   $25.00 / trio  -- >         

An active and showy fish with a long  flowing  tail . This line shows considerable variation in colouring, from red to purple tones. Young ones approaching breeding age in my fish room. Image is of Breeding Stock. $25.00 a trio when ready. 

< -- Red Albino   $30.00 a trio

A beautiful rich red with the trademark albino eyes. Young ones maturing in my fish room. $30.00 a trio when ready.

                   < -- My Office / Showroom

Purple-Green Delta Tail (M & F)   $24.00 / trio   -->        

This fish is my personal favourite. The tails don't reach quite the size of the Purple Moscows, so the mature males remain strong and active to a much older age. The green colouring is somewhat elusive under my lights, but they are a beautiful fish and seem to have hybrid vigour while reproducing a very high percentage of similar offspring.

         This line showed very well at the Peel Region Aquarium Club show and auction on November 5th, 2017, bringing certificates and prize ribbons home with them. (Young ones coming once again, but none at breeding age)

< -- Albino Full Gold Platinum

A slow growing guppy variety that does not show at best before seven months  of age. Stunning beauty in a group in a well planted tank. The white almost glows. My pictures don't do justice. Drops have included very few females, so trios are difficult to obtain.  $15.00 each for males. $40.00 a trio when available. 

New Lines Available Soon

American Half-Black

This is a line purchased at auction from Brian Glazier Stock. My earliest drop arrived Sept 18 and are looking very good. Not a great picture, but these fish (at left) are still less than 3 months old. The parents are pictured below.

A 125 Gallon Cichlid Tank among the Guppies

Shown ONE DAY after fish introduced.

At present young Haplochromis Species 44 and young Maylandia pyrsonotos Cichlids. If possible I will also purchase some young Labidochromis Calereus (Yellow Labs).

One badly bullied older Cichlid is exploring the many hiding places and caves before his previous tank-mates are given the freedom of this tank. He still spends much of his time hiding, but his colour has improved greatly in only three hours.

The live plants in the initial setup are Vesicularia montagnei (Christmas Moss) and another moss-like plant purchased at aucton that I've been unable to identify. My hope is that these mosses will fill in along some of the rock edges and give additional hiding places for fry when they arrive. The FLOATING AQUARIUM LOGS are a Zoo Med product available in three different sizes. In the extensive open-water area of this tank they provide quick shelter from aggressors.

A group of feeder guppies crowds the surface while plecos and corys remain largely invisible.

I've traded this

for this

The big tank is just over my left shoulder when I'm sitting at my computer. The rest are a few feet behind me.

< -- Purple Moscow Delta Tail (M & F) $30.00 / trio     

Males of this line are exceptionally beautiful with long flowing tails of deep purple. A challenging fish to maintain in peak condition. Recommended for experienced aquarium enthusiasts. A very high percentage of offspring follow their parent's colour and conformation.

Premium Males -- Unique Colours   $5.00 each  -->       

These are exceptionally beautiful fish that do not conform to my breeding lines. They would be perfect in a mixed community tank. They show the genetic variation that has made the Guppy such a wonderful challenge for breeders. It is from such 'non-conformists' that many new strains have been developed.

Shipping Available Across Canada

All fish will be fasted for a minimum of 48 hours before shipping. Xpress post will be used where delivery times are 2 days or less. Priority Post will be considered when delivery times are more than 2 days.   

Shipping will happen on Mondays and Tuesdays only, to minimize the possibility of fish sitting on a truck over the weekend. If extreme heat or cold is forecast, shipping will be delayed for that week.  

Shipping will always be at the lowest price I can provide with the health of the fish as a priority.

Basement Fish-Room Layout

"Passion" sounds so much better than "Obsession," don't you think?

A Glimpse of the Fish-Room

136 tanks and still searching for room to squeeze another one or two in.     

That furnace duct has been trying to knock sense into my head since this project began. Please DON'T ask my wife if it has succeeded.

There is much to celebrate with these beautiful fish, even in strictly functional  bare tanks. But two planted tanks downstairs give a wonderful counterbalance to utility alone.