Trans Canada Guppy Group

A club with the sole interest of enjoying the fancy guppy. Trans Canada Guppy Group is a, International Fancy Guppy Association affiliated club.We also promote World Guppy Association style guppies. The idea is to help members raise and show proper standards of guppies.

Trans Canada Guppy Group Can-Am Buy and Sell

A Facebook Buy and Sell page sponsored and monitored by the Trans Canada Guppy  Group. Guppies of exceptional quality by many of the top breeders can be found here.

Planted Aquariums of Canada

Planted aquariums offer a whole other side to the aquarium hobby. They are well worth spending some time exploring the possibilities, whaterver fresh-water fish you are most interested in.

Alanna Rusnak Publishing

Author, Editor, Blogger, Publisher

That's Life Communications

Publisher of the "Hot Apple Cider" collection of BEST-SELLING All-Canadian Anthologies, as well as many other resources.

The Word Guild

An association of Candaian Authors, Publishers and Editors who are Christian. TWG has been of almost measureless value to me and to countless other Canadian authors.