Supplies & Equipment

Local Rock

Flat Limestone with edges rounded.  May increase PH in soft-water tanks.     

Natural rock, various colours.   Good for any aquarium.     $0.25 per pound

Resin Aquarium Decorations

Wonderful attention to detail. Natural appearing hollow sunken logs, tree stumps, boulders etc. The beauty of nature without the weight, and the added bonus of hiding places for your fish.     

Because of space limitations and persoal preference I carry no skeletons, sunken ships, or similar decorations.

Aquarium Gravel and Substrates -- Natural

I have a personal aversion to paying a dollor a pound or more for aquarium gravel. I have unwashed 1/4" stone for $10.00 a 22 Kg bag. Enough for three 10 Gallon aquariums.

Resin Coated Substrates

If you choose to use artifical plants, this is perhaps the easiest substrate to keep clean. Available in different colours, it is very natural looking.  The packaging claims no need to rinse, but I disagree.  $20.00 for a 25 lb package. enough for two 10 Gallon Aquariums

Flourite Substrate

This is a clay-based substrate specifically produced to provide nutrients for heavily planted tanks. It can be used alone or beneath sand or gravel.  If well rinsed before placing in aquarium, it will produce little initial cloudiness, especially if covered with other substrate. $25.00 for a 7 Kg bag.

Fish Food

The smallest containers of fish food can run above $80.00 a pound. However, zip-lock bags, if you keep your old container, will let me supply you at close to my cost. That turns my food over faster and keeps it fresher, so we both gain.  Various prices because I'm buying the best food I can find for my fish.

Plastic Plants

Plastic plants are much simpler than live plants, especially in low light conditions. I'm normally buying only when I find them heavily discounted, then passing those savings on.

Air-line, Valves, Etc.

Unless you are using a power filter, you will need areation fittings and equipment. I sell air-line at $0.35 per foot for a saving to you.

Gravel Cleaning Siphons

Like the vacuum cleaner in your house, this will not be your favourite tool, but it is one you need to own and use consistently.

Floating Log

I'm not overly thrilled by the appearence in my tank, but my fish love it. It is especilly valuable when one is being bullied. I'm presently using two sizes in a cichlid tank and see one of my fish spending much of its time in one.

Fish Nets

Fine mesh white nets are particularly good for fry. It may be my eyesight, but I find that fry are almost invisible in the dark blue or green nets. I  brought a number of these in, of three different sizes, because they are my preferred type for saller fish.

Specimen Container

One of my most used tools in the Fish-Room. If you have a number of Aquaruims and reason to move fish very often, you will find this smll container of great help.

Power Filters

Whisper Filters live up to their name. Because of the circulation they provide, they also eliminate the need for additonal areation.

An aquarium at a toddler's eye-level will be a continual draw.

Three Way Breeder

This unit can float in your tank, hang from the side on the inside or the outside. It is especially valuable if you have few tanks and need to isolate a small fish -- for treatment, for the birth of fry, etc.

A Toddler's Delight

Somehow every parent and grandparent feels compelled to hold a little one up to a fish tank. That seems true even for those who express no patience with keeping fish.